Guangdong JSWAY CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. since 2004


Why Choose Us

JSWAY CNC machine manufacturer covers all the key technologies: versatile and productive lathe centres and milling machines with high precision.

Our CNC lathe machine is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools, with the features of high processing precision and stable processing quality;

high degree of automation to reduce labor intensity; rigidity and productivity.

Machining Repositioning
Machining Repositioning accuracy fluctuating less than 0.007mm in Cold & warm state
Key Parts
Key parts all from Taiwan and Japan brand.--make sure the high precision and quality stable.
Advanced ballscrew
Advanced ballscrew and linear guideway installation process--double side pre-pull
One Station Purchase!
One station purchase!we have 2 axis lathe, multi axis lathe center,machining center,swiss lathe,can fullfill your complecated process requirement
Better Service
Better service - a 5 members surpport team is ready to flight and serve for you!

JSWAY Products 

JSWAY as a leading CNC machine manufacturer dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

The main casting parts and steel parts of the CNC lathe machine are all machined and manufactured by the company's machine shop, and the production capacity of self-made parts is good.

Professional CNC machining cemter & CNC milling machine for sale.


About us

JSWAY is a leading CNC Machine supplier offering quality CNC lathe for a wide rage of industries.

The company hopes to cooperate with well-known brand machine tool companies in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Welcome to contact us and discuss cooperation matters.

JSWAY - CNC Lathe Supplier

GuangDong JSWAY CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading CNC machine manufacturers and the popular Swiss lathe machine supplier,  our main task is the development and production of high-precision multi-function CNC lathe machine, has a strong independent research and development capabilities. 


Our products include 2 Axis lathe, CNC Turn Mill Centers, CNC Vertical Machining Centers (VMC), SWiss Lathe Machine, simultaneous 3-Axis CNC machining Centers, Multi-Axis CNC turning Centers, etc. We rely on our expertise built over 2 decades of presence and strong R& D capabilities to deliver customised solutions to our customers across diverse set of industries including aerospace and defence, auto components, general engineering, EMS, dies and moulds, and others.


Most of the major standard parts of CNC lathe machine use Taiwan brands, Japanese brands, and domestic brands. Such as screw guide HIWIN, PMI, THK. NSK for bearings, YASKAWA for servo motors, and Inovance. Control system uses SYNTEC, LNC, KND.


Our equipment

JSWAY purchases large-scale high-precision machine tools from Japan, Europe, and the United States and domestic machine tool companies every year to strengthen machining capability of machining workshops' self-made parts, such as CNC gantry machine tools and gantry heptahedron machining center machine tools.


We provide vertical machining centers, CNC turret lathe, precision parts inspection equipment, multi-station automation vertical or horizontal CNC machining center for processing large parts. Welcomes foreign brand machine tool companies to come to our company to negotiate the above-mentioned work items for the parent machine. Its product sales are very good, for the whole world sales in China. At present, the annual sales volume of the company's products is growing at a rate of 30%. JSWAY is a quality CNC lathe factory for over 20 years, we won't let you down!



News Centers

Its main goal is to become a high-quality CNC lathe machine manufacturer in China. 

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