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Qiangxin MIM technology Co.,Ltd. is a research and development, production and trade of high-tech enterprises. The company is the first civilian to military technology for the production and development of high-tech enterprises. Metal powder injection molding (referred to as MIM) technology is a new type of near net shape technology. It is a set of plastic injection molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science and other subjects of mutual penetration cross product can be injection molded using a mold blank rapid manufacturing by sintering high-density, high-precision, high-strength three-dimensional structure of complex shape parts, especially the use of complex shape machining process for machining or difficult to process small parts, MIM technology can be freely completed, and has a low cost, high efficiency, consistency and good, easy to form the bulk production, known as today's most popular parts molding technology. The company has reached 150 tons of powder metallurgy injection molding production capacity, development and production of ferroalloys, copper, nickel, tungsten alloy, stainless steel powder metallurgy products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, household appliances, military, medical equipment, computer, textile machinery and other fields. 

These parts have following demand:

1.one clamping, finish all process

2.multi process,360°turning&milling,side drilling, tapping combination.

Our B8D have 8 living tool plus maximiums 12 tools on turret, so powerfull to meet the complicated demand.

3.Rapid speed up to 36m/min can save time in processing

4.High indexing accuracy.

Our B8D use magnetic rings + syntec spindle motor,so that we can get a high and stable indexing accuracy.

A. Spindle double feedback technology realizes the full closed loop control function of the spindle. The traditional synchronous belt transmission mode is upgraded to a V-belt transmission, which effectively reduces the vibration caused by the transmission; reduces the transmission noise, and makes the surface of the processed workpiece smoother, and realizes high-light processing.

B. The reduction ratio transmission is adopted to make the same torque motor output more torque.

C. Fully closed-loop control, greatly improving the rigidity of the spindle.

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