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Foxconn supplier

Optical Lens in smart phone, pad

Optical lens require the following:

1.High finish !

The tools pattern should be uniform under the 8X Microscope. This will require the spindle speed

keep stable, and X.Z axis motor and driver coordinate with the controller.

Our CF36k

2.Mass production in one day.

Every machine need to produce thousands of parts veryday.So the machine must have a quick start-stop time.Our CF36 spindle speed from 0 rpm - 3000rpm only take 1.2 seconds. And the brake time also take 1.2s

3.Rapid speed.

Our machine work with a rapid speed of 36M/min. Save time in every processing

4.Accuracy of machine cold and warm state

For lens manufacturer, the accuracy keep stable is crucial for mass production.

Our CF36 repositioning accuracy fluctuating less than 0.005mm even the machine is just turn on , or had been working for hours.

5.easy to remove chips.Our CF36 is 30degree slant bed,the table have small resistance again Z axis compare with 45degree machine. The chips will not hanging in the tools while processing.

6. controller stable and quick response.

Syntec controller is very stable and quick response one. Easy for operation.


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