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5 Axis CNC Lathe Factory Y Axis CNC Lathe Machine CZG46Y2+2
y axis cnc lathe
JSWAT y axis cnc lathe combine ±2" of Y-axis travel, full C-axis motion, and high-performance live tooling to create versatile done-in-one machining solutions for any shop. Easily perform secondary milling operations on your lathe – such as off-center milling, drilling, and tapping – to boost throughput and increase accuracy.
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Y-axis CNC lathe machine is a type of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool that features a Y-axis slide for movement in the vertical direction, in addition to the traditional X and Z axes. This feature enables the machine to perform off-center milling operations on cylindrical workpieces. JSWAT y axis cnc lathe combine ±2" of Y-axis travel, full C-axis motion, and high-performance live tooling to create versatile done-in-one machining solutions for any shop. Easily perform secondary milling operations on your lathe – such as off-center milling, drilling, and tapping – to boost throughput and increase accuracy.

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 The Y-axis CNC lathe machine has all the capabilities of a traditional lathe, with the added advantage of a Y-axis slide for off-center milling and drilling operations. This makes it a versatile machine tool for a variety of turning and milling applications.the y axis cnc lathe machine can perform a wide range of machining operations, including turning, drilling, milling, and tapping. This versatility allows manufacturers to produce a variety of parts using a single machine, reducing the need for multiple machines and setups.

5 Axis CNC Lathe Factory Y Axis CNC Lathe Machine




1. Y axis have engraving function.

2. This model is for turning, side milling and drilling.

3. Big space for machining, Z/X axis travel is long.

4. Y axis and X axis have 2 living tooleach; X axis can install 3-5 gang tools.

5. Japan gear, low sounds, high precision for Y axis living tool.

6. Spindle with C-axis indexing function.

7. Base and the slanting bed is one piece.

8.  living tool max speed is 4500rpm.



1. Increased Machining Flexibility: The addition of the Y-axis allows for off-center and angled machining operations, expanding the range of possible geometries that can be machined. It enables the creation of complex features such as off-center drilled holes, angled grooves, and slanted surfaces.

2. Simultaneous Machining: The Y-axis enables simultaneous machining on multiple surfaces of a workpiece, reducing production time and increasing efficiency. This capability is particularly useful when machining parts with intricate designs or when performing multitasking operations.

3. Improved Accuracy and Surface Finish: The Y-axis enhances the accuracy and surface finish of machined parts by enabling precise control over tool movements in multiple directions. This is especially beneficial for applications that require tight tolerances and high-quality surface finishes.

4. Complex Geometries and Profiles: The Y-axis CNC lathe machine excels in machining parts with complex shapes, profiles, and contours. It is commonly used for manufacturing components such as aerospace engine parts, medical implants, automotive transmission components, and hydraulic connectors.

5. Reduced Setups and Increased Productivity: With the capability to perform multiple operations in one setup, the Y-axis CNC lathe machine helps reduce the need for additional fixtures and repositioning of the workpiece. This reduces setup time, increases productivity, and minimizes human errors associated with multiple setups.

6. Thread Whirling and Milling Operations: The Y-axis CNC lathe machine can be equipped with additional live tooling, such as thread whirling attachments and milling capabilities. This enables the machine to perform complex thread profiles, helical milling, and other milling operations on cylindrical parts.

7. Automation and Integration: Y-axis CNC lathe machines can be integrated into automated production lines, allowing for seamless part transfers and improved overall efficiency. With the ability to communicate with other machines and robotics, it facilitates lights-out manufacturing and increases productivity.

The Y-axis CNC lathe machine provides advanced machining capabilities, enabling the production of complex parts with high precision and efficiency. Its versatility and ability to perform multi-axis operations make it a valuable asset in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and general manufacturing.


Technical parameter





 TaiWan Posa

 A2-5/46 spindle

 X.Z axis servo motor


1300 W

Y axis servo motor



spindle  servo motor 


4.4 KW

spindle servo pack


5.5 KW

lead screw/lead rail


C3 , level  two


Japan NSK,Germany FAG

P4 level

coupler for lead Screw 

from Germany

high Precision




spindle bore

¢56 mm

Max. material diameter

¢45 mm

 Max. machining diameter

¢350 mm

Max. length of machining

200 mm

Max. travel of x-axis

720 mm

Max. travel of z-axis

280 mm

Max. travel of Y-axis

155 mm

rapid speed (x-axis/z-axis/y -axis)

36/36/20  m/min

reposition accuracy

0.005 mm


spindle servo motor

4.4 KW

 spindle speed

3000 rpm

 X/Z-axis servo motor

1300 W

Y-axis servo motor

750 W

 servo motor for power unit

750 W


gang type tools


total living power tools unit


living tool holder size



total power


 size( L x W x H )



2900 KGS


 product-JSWAY-CZG46Y2+2 5-axis y-axis cnc lathe machine-img

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1. You can hold much lathe knife? There are several options?

Slant bed lathe usually can install 5-7 tools, turret lathe can install 8/10 tools on turret,2-3 tools on

2. How to choose the best fit for your machine?

If you have special request for the machine tool configuration,And the budget is limited,We can also
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