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We are ready to be your OEM supplier


We are ready to be your OEM supplier

From July 1st. 2018 on, JSTOMI have made a great decision after years of manufacturing experience, that is we are ready to accept OEM order!

1. JSTOMI had more than 11 years of cnc machine manufacturing experience.news-We are ready to be your OEM supplier-JSWAY-img

2. company location

JSTOMI is located in the most dynamic region economically with the greatest development potential in the world--Guangdong-HongKong-Macao greater Bay area.

1KM from train station

1KM from nearest port

5KM from nearest High speed way.

3. R&D ability

we had a 40 skill R&D team who are graduated from professional university.

4. production capacity.

Monthly 150 sets of lathe machine +10 swiss lathe+50 machining center.

5. A good relationship with main parts supplier.

we had establish a good relationship with Syntec, LNC, Posa, Hiwin, PMI. This can make sure our lead time.


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