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VMC vertical Machining Center – What Do You Know About It?


VMC Vertical Machining Center Applications & Uses

Vertical machining center, or milling, uses rotary cutters to take metal off of a workpiece. With its spindle in an upright position, the tools descend from the tool holder and commonly cut across the top of an item. Vertical Machining Centers are frequently used in machinery production sectors that demand high accuracy and mass manufacturing, including aerospace, automobile, instrumental, light and textile industries as well as eletronic and electrical goods producers, military productions businesses, mold making companies and handcrafts makers. This machine is also perfect for handling items with intricate shapes, requiring both great precision and multiple steps.

1. Box type parts

In addition to its high efficiency, rigidity, accuracy, and automatic tool changing device, CNC vertical machining centers are also capable of solving many problems associated with machining box type parts if the process flow is well formulated and proper fixtures and tools are used.

2. Complex curved parts

Parts with a complex curved surface are widely used in different industries, such as aviation and transportation. These kinds of components pose a challenge as they are hard to accurately machine with conventional tools or precision casting. However, the use of a multi-axis CNC machining center, combined with automatic programming technology and special tools, can make this process easier while simultaneously ensuring the accuracy of the shape and improving production efficiency. Examples of these parts include propellers, mold cavities, cams and integral impellers of engines.

3. Special or irregular shaped parts

When machining special-shaped components, the more complex the shape is, the higher the accuracy required. VMC vertical machining center can produce all these kinds of parts and components.

4. Board, sleeve and plate parts

The CNC vertical machining center is capable of producing board, sleeve, and plate parts, such as shaft sleeves, plates with many holes, like motor covers, etc.

5. New parts

JSWAY‘s ’VMC vertical machining center is highly adaptable and versatile. When you need to launch a new project, all you have to do is create fresh programs, alter existing ones or use specific commands. With its zoom capabilities, it can handle parts of the same shape but differing sizes, allowing for easier small-scale production, single-piece output as well as prototype testing. All of this translates into a further reduction in preparation and trial manufacturing times.

VMC Vertical Machining Center Advantages

1.Time Saving

With VMC vertical machining center, operators are able to see much more clearly when working on them, allowing them to catch and avoid any potential problems during the milling process much more easily. The user-friendly CNC controls make programming simple, and the design of the machine makes the workpieces fixture more simple; therefore, operators would spend less time on setup and programming.

2. Space Saving

A CNC vertical machining center occupies just 1/3 of the space of a horizontal machining center. Therefore, CNC vertical machining centers are ideal for small businesses.

3. Higher Productivity

By decoupling setup procedures from machining processes through automation, automation integration enables a VMC vertical machining center to produce work in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality.

4. Less Expensive

Vertical machining centers are much cheaper than horizontal machining centers. The initial investment is lower, and production costs can also be saved.

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