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Suzhou International Industrial Fair


Fist show in Suzhou Industrial exhibition

Date 15-20th May

This machine tool exhibition sponsored by the Suzhou government, domestic machinery industry Association of nearly 400 media partners throughout the report, in 2015, Suzhou Machine Tool Show will attract 800 companies from all kinds of machine tools worldwide exhibition area of 30,000 square meters breakthrough across the Suzhou International Expo Center 3 large exhibition hall, the audience is expected to exceed about 40,000 people.

Organizers said: Suzhou, mainland China is the second largest industrial city, industrial chain mature for many years to attract foreign investment in the first place the continent, Suzhou as the geographic center of the Yangtze River Delta has developed into China's most important industrial base, with a considerable scale and supporting capacity, it has been incorporated into a multinational division of labor system. Central Soviet Area electronic IT, textiles, paper, chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, automobile and other industries are booming, with considerable strength, a strong industrial base spawned the rapid growth of China's industrial manufacturing.

Suzhou Show 2015 will be a number of high-end equipment products, participants most popular, the best deal in the next event. We look forward to seeing you in the beautiful Suzhou, spend a good four days time!


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