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August 2018


In order to further enhance the Czech brand, enhance the core competitiveness of the company's products, to focus on "reform and innovation as the train of thought, external sales breakthroughs, internal quality management, and achieve "fine" strategy to ensure that the company's major economic indicators step into the upward channel ". Efforts to improve from the source and control the production process, the company carried out the "Quality Month" event in August 2018.

Second,  period

August 10, 2018 - August 31, 2018.

Third, the theme of the event

The theme of this event is: focus on the source and process, full participation, and continuous improvement.

Four, follow-up promotion

All departments will summarize management experience in a timely manner when carrying out the “Quality Month” activities. Through this activity, around the company's quality policy and objectives, combined with incentives, the good practices of the “Quality Month” activities will be cited and solidified into daily production work to enhance the quality awareness of all employees.


The unique inspection items of CNC machine tools are single-axis positioning accuracy, single-axis repeat positioning accuracy and roundness of the test piece processed by two or more axes. The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy comprehensively reflect the comprehensive precision of each moving part of the axis, especially the repeat positioning accuracy, which reflects the positioning stability of the axis at any positioning point in the stroke, which is a measure of whether the axis can work stably and reliably. Basic indicators!

Factors Affecting the Positioning Accuracy Test of CNC Machine Tools

1. Environmental factors: temperature, humidity, dust and other smoke have different effects on moving parts

2. Oil: Lubricating oil type, lubricating oil temperature, pressure

3, the tolerance of mechanical parts

4. Assembly process of parts

JSWAY test and record oil temperature,time and accuracy affection.

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